Løgstrup and Levinas Conference

The aim of the conference is to explore the philosophical links between the two thinkers, looking both at shared ground but also potential differences. Themes include the backgrounds to both in Heidegger and others; their respective treatments of ethics and religion, and of ethics and politics; their conception of the place of the other person in ethics, and his or her demands on us; their phenomenological methodologies; how they relate to other figures in the ethical tradition such as Kant and Kierkegaard; whether either or both have anything to offer to contemporary issues concerning normativity, autonomy, obligation, care and the like.

Confirmed speakers:

Anna-Marie Christensen [Southern Denmark], Peter Dews [Essex], Fiona Ellis [Heythrop], Michael Morgan [Toronto/Indiana], Eric Nelson [Hong Kong], George Pattison [Glasgow], Diane Perpich [Clemson], Robert Stern [Sheffield], Patrick Stokes [Deakin]

Ancient Philosophy Workshop – YAPN/CHiPHi Summer Meeting

The summer meeting of the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network will take place in Sheffield on Friday 6th May, 2016.

We will meet for opening tea and coffee in Room B23 in the Department of Philosophy, 45 Victoria Street, Sheffield S3 7QB

9.30-10.00    Tea/Coffee

The morning Reading Group and the afternoon papers will take place in Room 127, The Information Commons, University of Sheffield. This is a very short walk from the Philosophy Department.

10.00-12.00    Reading Group Aristotle Rhetoric 2.1-2

12.00-1.00    Lunch (provided)
Department of Philosophy Room B23

1.00-2.15    “Two Types of Aristotelian Capacity: On/Off and More/Less”: Steve Makin (Sheffield)

2.15-3.30    “A Cautionary Note on the Unity of aretê in Plato’s Protagoras”: Sebastiano Molinelli (PhD Durham)

3.30-3.45    Tea/Coffee

3.45-5.00    “Socrates Framed: Visualizing the Journeys of Life and Afterlife in Plato’s Phaedo”: Liz Pender (Leeds)

There will be arrangements made for dinner from 6.30 onwards at a restaurant close to the centre of town and convenient for those who need to catch trains at the end of the day. Details will be finalised on the day, when it becomes clearer how many would like to come to an evening dinner.